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Community Solar For Massachusetts Residents

Save up to $380 per year on your electricity when you enroll with Solar Gardens

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Massachusetts residents choose Solar Gardens

Our community solar gardens allow you and your neighbors to reserve a share of our solar energy production by subscribing to a local project in minutes. If you receiving electricity from National Grid or Eversource (Western MA), then you are eligible to join community solar.

Massachusetts National Grid and Eversource Map Color coded.png

National Grid

Eversource - Western MA

What is Community Solar?

Community Solar is a renewable energy option for renters and homeowners to access solar energy benefits without upfront costs or expensive solar panels. Solar Gardens supplies clean solar power to National Grid & Eversource, which is then allocated to your utility account based on your electricity usage in the form of credits. These credits reduce what you pay to your utility and are purchased separately at a guaranteed discount.


Our shared community solar gardens produce clean energy into the power grid. You subscribe to a local project and receive a share of its production at no upfront cost.

Your electricity provider rewards you with credits on your bill for the solar we produce based on your share. These credits reduce what you pay on your electric bill.

You pay Syncarpha for your credits at a guaranteed discount. You support renewable energy, reduce carbon emissions and save up to $380 on electricity every year.

Project Spotlight

Project: Tewksbury Landfill

Location: Tewksbury, MA (Rocco Landfill)

Utility: National Grid

The Tewksbury project is a ballast-mounted solar facility constructed on the 50-acre Sutton Brook Disposal Area also known as “Rocco Landfill”. The project became operational in February 2022 and provides clean energy to the City of Everett, Tufts University, and local National Grid residents. The project produces enough clean energy to power about 400 homes annually, equivalent to avoiding harmful CO2 emissions from 3.5 million pounds of coal burned.


About Solar Gardens

Solar Gardens is the community solar program founded by Syncarpha Capital. We named our company Syncarpha to reflect our mission: investing in renewable energy. Syncarpha is a plant in the sunflower family more commonly known as “the everlasting.” We started in 2009 with a goal of being developers and long-term owners of distributed renewable energy projects. Since then, we have worked closely with local developers, construction companies, electricians and others to do our part to help solar grow. We continue to focus on working closely with the communities we serve.

Questions? Call us Local Toll Free at (413) 419-1830

Select your electric utility provider to begin your free enrollment

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