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3 More SMART Solar Projects Received Permission To Operate

Updated: Mar 27

Making more progress…Three more of our solar farms received Permission To Operate in the last few weeks. These three projects are located in Northbridge, MA. We’re waiting on final approval from the Department of Energy that will in turn initiate customer account allocations by National Grid. After account allocation, customers will start to receive credits!

Syncarpha Puddon Community Solar Project in Northbridge MA

Puddon I & II: 15MW community solar array located in Northbirdge, MA. We expect this solar development to produce nearly 20 million kWh of clean energy every year, while supplying to roughly 700 households connected with National Grid.

Syncarpha Northbridge Community Solar Project in Northbridge, MA

Northbridge: 15 MW solar array located in Northbridge, MA provides clean solar energy to the City of Everett, Tufts University, and local residents/small commercial ratepayers through our community solar program.

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